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Ariana Grande y The Weeknd, los líderes de la próxima generación

Los artistas fueron reconocidos en una lista que tiene en cuenta la influencia e innovación para lograr cambios en el mundo.

Foto: Cimahub
Foto: Cimahub

La revista Time eligió a Ariana Grande y a The Weeknd como los líderes de la próxima generación en la lista anual que resalta el trabajo de activistas, artistas, atletas y figuras destacadas que tengan entre 20 y 30 años y, además, sean pioneros en su campo.

La publicación destaca, sobre todo, las acciones que estas figuras públicas tengan en pro de generar un cambio en el mundo.




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@arianagrande is happy, and it’s important to her that people know that. At 24, Grande is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, and she’s coming out with new music two years after her last album, the blockbuster Dangerous Woman. Her latest single is called “No Tears Left to Cry,” a triumphant, ’90s-house-inflected pop confection, part breathy vocals and part spunky, spoken-word playfulness. She chose it carefully: “The intro is slow, and then it picks up,” she says. “And it’s about picking things up.” Grande made a song about resilience because she has had to be resilient, in ways that are difficult to imagine, after a terrorist detonated a bomb outside her May 22, 2017, concert in Manchester, England, killing 22 people and leaving more than 500 injured. What happened is part of the song, but the song is not about what happened. Instead of being elegiac, it’s joyful and lush, and Grande is proud of it, and of herself. “When I started to take care of myself more, then came balance, and freedom, and joy,” she says. “It poured out into the music.” In the video for the song, she’s upside-down, the way life used to feel. “We’ve messed with the idea of not being able to find the ground again,” she says, “because I feel like I’m finally landing back on my feet now.” #ArianaGrande is one of three International covers showcasing the Next Generation Leaders. Read more about the rising activists, artists and athletes who are reshaping music, sports, fashion, politics and more on Photograph by @jimmymarble for TIME

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